Time Management Methods

Time Management Methods

Which time management style suits you?

The best way to finish something is to get started, but if you’re having trouble doing so you might need to follow a time management method. Check out these tried and tested time management tips to get a head start on your to-do list.

1. Identify goals and priorities

First, you need to identify your tasks and urgent matters for the day. Oftentimes, you get distracted with menial tasks that are not as urgent as your main goals. List your priorities and identify daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly goals. Then, rank them according to importance and urgency. Work on the most important and most urgent tasks first then move to the next item on your list!

2.Observe the 80/20 rule

Another time management method states that 80 percent of your output is a result of 20 percent of your actions. Additionally, 20 percent of your to-do list carries 80 percent of the importance and urgency. Learn to work on tasks that contribute to accomplishing 80 percent of your targets. “Eat the big frog first” simply means working on the hardest, most complex but most valuable task for the day.

3. Eliminate online distractions

It’s easy to lose yourself in the rabbit hole of unproductivity on the Internet. If need to write 1000 words within the next hour but you keep checking your social media feed, that doesn’t really contribute to your goal. Try to turn off notifications on your phone and set it aside in a place you won’t easily reach. Turn off wi-fi connection on your computer if your task doesn’t require it.

4. Avoid procrastination with the 4D system

The 4D system, also known as the Eisenhower Matrix, is another effective method.

  • Do important and urgent tasks first.
  • Delegate tasks that are urgent but you don’t necessarily have to do yourself.
  • Defer tasks that cannot be completed instantly and not high on the priority.
  • Delete tasks that don’t contribute to your important and urgent goals.

5. Follow the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique consists of working on tasks, or Pomodoros, for a set period of time and taking breaks in between finished tasks. Set a timer to 25-minutes and work on your important Pomodoro. When the timer ends, take a 5-minute break to grab coffee or browse your social media feed. Afterwards, set the timer again to 25 minutes and immerse yourself in your task. Take longer breaks after every four finished Pomodoros.

Remember to learn to have fun with your work! By following these effective time management techniques, you’ll get to save more time and energy to do your hobbies, hang out with friends and family, or develop your other skills. ‘

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