The Corona Virus Implements Remote Work, Here’s How To Manage Your Team

The Corona Virus Implements Remote Work, Here’s How To Manage Your Team

The Corona virus shouldn’t meddle with productivity!

As we stay alert for updates on the Corona Virus pandemic, businesses face the prospect of remote work for their employees. Metro Manila’s cases continue to rise, so it’s crucial to be safe than to unwittingly carry and spread the disease.

As a manager or business leader, how can you seamlessly transition to remote work? You need to follow health and safety protocols without compromising the daily operations of your business. Here’s a guide to follow.

Prepare Clear Tasks And Deadlines

Doing work together and not in person can become tricky if miscommunication arises. Give your team members clear expectations of what to work on and when to submit it. Instructions to tasks can be laid through bullet points or numbers.

Let’s say you need to produce content for a social media calendar. Give graphic designers a brief of the art they need to do, complete with pegs or references. Give enough leeway to check their work and alert them for revisions. For text, the copywriters can be tasked to prepare several copy options for you to choose from.

Ask For Updates Regularly

It helps to contact each member of the team from time to time and ask them on how they’re doing with their work. Through regular updates, everyone gets a good estimation of when certain tasks can be submitted for completion.

It’s up to you to set the frequency of these updates, but consider the urgency of the tasks. Ask for updates by the hour if you have to complete things before the day ends. If the projects can be submitted at the end of the week, updates every other day can be fine.

Use Reliable Tools Or Services

Because you’ll be relying on computers, phones, and internet connections to work remotely, invest in reliable tools or services to keep your work efficient. You wouldn’t want your daily tasks to get delayed or outright halted due to lag and glitches.

Project management tools like Asana or Trello are available for use, and these can even be integrated to your online calendars. This way, you can check your schedule if you need to do an activity at certain time slots.


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