Side Hustles For The Holidays

Side Hustles For The Holidays

Juggling bills? Buffer your budget for the holidays through part-time work

December is only a month away, and people are starting to plan for the holidays. Out of town trips, exchange of gifts, and end-of-year reunions will comprise the weeks ahead. This will demand more of your time, energy, and finances, so you’ll need to come prepared. Whether you’re a young adult or a seasoned parent, you might need a side hustle to buffer your budget for the holidays. Consider the following part-time gigs.

Video/Photo Editor

Companies or organizations might need an editor to work on existing content that needs improvement, be it video or photo. Because this can be done with just a computer, the editor and the client con collaborate through online chat or email. Ideally, an editor will need headphones, a laptop with capable video/photo processing, and a space for focused work.

Content Writer

Similar to the editor, a content writer is someone who can be tapped to come up with written content, be it social media captions or website blogs. Clients can be businesses or professionals who need someone to help market their products or services. The usual writing flow involves getting briefed on what to write, submitting content to the client, and doing revisions as needed.

Personal Tutor

Another side hustle would be tutoring kids or teens on academic subjects. This involves helping them review lessons they’re struggling in , administering test quizzes, and giving them tips for more effective studying. Rates are usually per hour or what’s agreed upon by you and the client. Tutors and students can review at libraries or any spaces with minimal noise.


You can also do part-time as a barista, which will task you with concocting drinks. You’ll be in charge of coffee-making equipment, drink ingredients, the point-of-sale machine, and the order counter. Because the job involves beverages and food, baristas are expected to maintain a hygiene in handling these consumables. Customers should be greeted with a smile as well.

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