Romantic Places To Visit Near Altshift

Romantic Places To Visit Near Altshift

Love month is here! 

At Altshift, we have many perks that members enjoy. One of them is the sheer proximity to locations in Makati that you can visit this Valentines. Just imagine: after finishing tasks for the day, you get to go on a date with your beloved at nearby cafes or parks! Here’s a list of venues you can visit.

Old Swiss Inn
What’s more romantic than wine and cheese night? This place has outlasted the test of time because it serves quality meat, dairy, and liquor. They also offer special courses and promotions on holidays and events such as Valentine’s Day. What we love most is that it’s open 24 hours, so your romantic dinner can last forever!

This restaurant became popular for its aviation-themed dining experience. Blackbird offers guests amenities like the lounge, bar, grill room, cabin, garden, and terrace. Making use of Nielson Tower’s interiors and history, you and your date can enjoy learning about the Philippines’ first commercial airport while dining in style.

Ayala Triangle
Also nearby is Ayala Triangle, a park known for its greenery, relaxing views, and occasional shows or installations. This serves as an ideal location for budget-conscious dates, since you can stroll through the park or simply sit down to admire your surroundings. You might see cats playing around or families bonding together.

Speaking of green spaces, there’s one right across Ayala Avenue that you can visit. Greenbelt attracts people because of the spaces and structures within: a church, green pathways, a museum in renovation, a cinema, and various cafes. You can spend a whole day staying at each of these spots with your beloved. If ever you do, just be prepared to have an itinerary ready so that you won’t get overwhelmed by the place.

If you’re both in the mood for a night of fun, friends, and drinks, there are several establishments in Poblacion to visit. This area has a reputation as the lively, hip part of Makati, as well as a haven for backpackers and avant-garde artists. Going there, you’ll encounter various diners and bars offering multicultural dishes and drinks. Many of these locations aren’t near major thoroughfares, so do research before your date!

Rockwell is near Poblacion, but this area accommodates guests who wouldn’t mind spending more for their dates. There are establishments in Rockwell that can host romantic fine dining for couples. These include Chef Jessie, Nikkei, Barcino, Mamou Too, and others. Rockwell is also home to Power Plant Cinema, which means you can watch a movie with your date instead.

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