Maximize your coworking space with these tips!

Maximize your coworking space with these tips!

You’re in a coworking space, now what?

Many freelancers and solopreneurs head to a coworking space in order to get “in the zone” to finish their tasks and hit peak productive hours. Oftentimes, the tendency is to eliminate all distractions and focus on ticking off your to-do list. While that is surely a great way to work, a coworking space is also designed for networking and developing business relations with like-minded folks.

Interested on how to maximize your stay at a coworking space? Check out these helpful tips!

1. Strike up a conversation with a stranger 

Friendly conversation starts with saying hi to a familiar or new face. It’s as simple as offering to get coffee or supplies to the stranger you’re sharing a desk with. Express genuine interest in what they do! A coworking space is a lively venue filled with all sorts of highly-skilled and like-minded people. Soon enough you might even meet your next client or business partner.

2. Stay for after-hours events

Coworking spaces are designed to facilitate better connections and build a supportive community among professionals. The dynamic set up of a coworking space encourages customers to host their own workshops and events after work hours. It’s a great idea to get to know everyone in the coworking space and start your own casual get-together! Every event is an opportunity for you to talk about your business and meet potential clients and partners as well!

3. Be willing to share your skills and knowledge

A healthy network involves a mutual sharing of skills and knowledge among the community. Do you consider yourself an expert in your field or industry? You can help out your neighbor if they’re having troubles with code, accounting, design, business operations. Pitch in some ideas and help them with brainstorming. Showcasing your skills in such a way may lead to referrals to potential clients and customers as well.

4. Don’t eat alone

Don’t feel like socializing when working on your desk? Communal break rooms are a good space to talk to fellow freelancers and solopreneurs in the coworking space. Sharing lunchtimes with your coworking neighbors offers a breather from the glare of a computer screen. Talk about casual topics and don’t try too hard to sell your business to them. As in everything, learn to be genuine in your socialization!

5. Practice an effective work routine

One of the great things about the coworking lifestyle is following your own schedule for productivity. You’re no longer limited to the eight-to-five work hour, and you can even do several small tasks or take regular breaks in between working. The key is finding out which routine you’re most comfortable in order to get productive. After all, many coworking spaces are open for long hours if you’re a morning person or a night owl.

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