Makati Gyms and Fitness Studios For End-Of-Day Workouts

Makati Gyms and Fitness Studios For End-Of-Day Workouts

Stay Fit Even If You’re Not a Morning Person!

What is your routine at the end of each work day? Common answers might include going home straightaway, dining somewhere with friends and family, or watching movies and doing hobbies. If you work in Makati, why not incorporate fitness into your free schedule? There are several gyms and fitness studios you can go to. Here’s a list to follow!

Ride Revolution

Indoor cycling studios have become popular for their fast-paced workouts, and Ride Revolution caters to this demand. They have a pay-as-you train model which lets you book a class and not have to sign 1-year contracts. After paying, you get to have your own slot and an instructor to guide you in toning muscles and burning calories. Each workout lasts 45 minutes.

Saddle Row

Meanwhile, rowing is the focus of Saddle Row, which brands itself as ”Manila’s first and only indoor rowing studio”. Clients can use their rowing and cycling equipment with the help of instructors to ensure proper form while working out. If you’ve always wanted to feel how to maneuver a rowboat in a calorie-burning way, this place is for you.

Electric Studio

Movements, music, and motivation are what Electric Studio prides itself on. Once you try a class there, you get to experience indoor cycling choreography with upper body weights. This lets you work on not only your core, but your upper body as well. Instructors are there to motivate you and help you achieve the right movements while cycling to a specific music playlist. As the studio name implies, you’ll feel a spark of energy afterwards.

One Life Studio

If you’re interested in Pilates, One Life Studio can offer you that – as well as physical therapy and functional training. The studio’s program aims to train several of your muscle groups at once, so that you get to perform movements with your body safely. One Life Studio welcomes women specifically, especially those who need prenatal fitness, postnatal fitness, or postural improvement. Working moms, check this out.

Bliss Yoga

If yoga is your thing, Bliss Yoga can teach you all there is to know about the practice. This involves the basics, such as awareness, control, and effective breathing. You get to experience classes held in heated rooms, which can let you stretch and strengthen your muscles and joints with minimal injury. You also get to try classes that teach you to hold poses for a few minutes, letting your body relax as gentle pressure is applied to it. If you feel like your mind deserves to become as healthy as your body, try this one out.Sources: Bliss YogaElectric StudioRide RevolutionOne Life StudioSaddle Row

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