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What’s New At AltShift: Membership Club Exclusives!

  AltShift continues to surprise its members, both old and new. This year, the exclusive membership club is now open for registration. Repeat customers in AltShift’s meeting rooms and events places are eligible to sign up, as well as those with a minimum 1-month contract use of the lounge area.

 To sign up, applicants can log on to the AltShift website and click the Exclusive Membership Club link. Just supply your name, email address, and mobile number before you submit. Those interested may also scan QR codes provided by AltShift on their social media pages.

 Once you get accepted, several perks await! Members can enjoy a 10% discount at the Old Swiss Inn restaurant, the Old Swiss Inn coffee kiosk, Leodora’s catering services, and Pinkie’s Farm products. Having this would help you save on costs while continuing to enjoy AltShift’s amenities

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