How to Throw a Holiday Office Party

How to Throw a Holiday Office Party

It’s the perfect time to show your employees how much you care!

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and everyone has their schedules filled with end-of-year tasks and holiday preparations. For office employees, this time represents a respite from other days of the year that have them working full-time. With a holiday office party, coworkers and their bosses can unwind and celebrate together. Just like any other task, making this seasonal event possible requires teamwork and foresight. Here’s a guide on how to successfully hold a holiday party at the office.

Create an ad hoc team to organize the event.

Assemble a team of willing persons who will oversee the planning and execution of the holiday party. This dedicated group will then focus on checking specifics like the venue, theme, menu, and program so that the rest of the office can focus on their office work.

Know everyone’s dietary needs for the menu.

After the team is formed, ask everyone invited if they have any dietary restrictions due to allergies or other preexisting health conditions. You never know if someone’s allergic to shellfish, nuts, or other food elements, so it’s better to know beforehand.

Decide on restrictions and etiquette for the party.

The holiday office party can either be family-friendly wherein everyone can bring their kids and loved ones, or it could be a night that welcomes revelry with alcohol and smoking. The latter would be okay if everyone invited is of legal age and gives their consent.

Check everyone’s schedules when setting the date.

More often than not, there are those who won’t be available on the day of the party. Still, agree on a date when most of the invited can make it. The more attendees you have, the more engaging the party will be. Just make sure you can accommodate all of them.

Show employees the benefits of attending.

Lastly, show those invited that the party is worth going to. Because everyone can cast off their work personas to enjoy the party as themselves, coworkers can mingle and get to know their superiors better. Networks are made, strengthened, and ready for the year ahead.Sources:The BalanceBusiness Inside

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