How To Gain Quality Connections In A Coworking Space

How To Gain Quality Connections In A Coworking Space

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One of the best things about working in a coworking space is finding opportunities to meet new people you can learn from, collaborate with, and even build lasting relationships with. But how do you network your business or skills without running the risk of disrupting other people who are getting work done and running their business in the same space? 

The key is authenticity and respect – and a mixture of these 5 steps:1. Be Open

Don’t overthink this one. All you have to do is start the conversation. It doesn’t have to be about work or your business off the bat. It can be as simple as asking about their day, how they like their coffee.

All you have to do is focus on keeping the conversation running instead of waiting for the perfect time to pitch. It’ll come.2.Establish a Give and Take System

When you find someone who has products or services that your business or current project needs, the best way to go about it is offering your own services in return. Doing this allows you to let people know what you can offer. This is another form of marketing your business or services without disrupting the working environment.3.Be Generous with your Knowledge

The key to sharing your knowledge without being exploited is being careful with what you’re willing to give out for free. Because we all know in the rise of freelance working, nothing, not even business advice should come for free. But do remember that coworking is all about openness and finding the balance in sharing your knowledge and keeping your trade secrets to yourself is what makes a successful networking strategy. Because at the end of the day, you will not only be giving but taking as well.

4. Make Promotional Items Visible (But In A Subtle Way)

Coworking spaces are almost always in need of everyday office materials. So why not bring your own with your business name and spread them around the coworking space? This way, people will not only think of you as generous, but you’ll be on their mind should they need your services. Anti-advertising is what works for people who work within the industry, so this hack is pretty much fool-proof!

5. Take Your Passion Everywhere With You

You don’t always have to use words in situations such as this. Sometimes all you need is to let your passion do the talking. If people around you see how much work you put in a job, and how much you enjoy what you do, you will leave an unforgettable impact. Not only that, even if they themselves aren’t in need of your services, they may refer you to someone they know.

What you have to remember through all these is to build genuine relationships first before selling. Your authenticity is what will make your networking fly!

Now, cowork and rule the world!

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