How To Empower Your Female Employees

How To Empower Your Female Employees

Empowered companies empower women.

In recent years, women’s rights have been called for by movements around the world. Equal pay, pro-choice, and anti-sexism initiatives are examples of this. While progress has been made in domestic, corporate, or legal spheres, women still face challenges. Research shows how women “are more likely to feel isolated in the workplace, have their competence questioned and receive less managerial support.” As a fellow female or a male ally, how can you empower women in the workplace?

Upper Management Opportunities

There are many hard-working women that are waiting for and deserving of managerial positions. If you are in a position that lets you vouch for or outright select these individuals for an upper management opening, do so. So long as they have the track record to prove their competency, helping them achieve the position should be easy.

Zero-Tolerance Policies

For leaders in HR or executives, initiative zero-tolerance policies against sexism in the workplace. The offender should not be excused for having said the remark only once, in jest, or veiled as sarcasm. If it caused distress to the person aggrieved, this should be enough to impose penalties to the offender. This lets you set an example and reinforce respect in the workplace.

Platforms For Public Speaking

Let women speak their mind! Chances are, your female peers get fewer opportunities for public speaking compared to your male colleagues. Being able to converse with an audience and share knowledge with them can open career opportunities for women, which is another avenue for empowerment. For your next conference, invite your eloquent female colleague to speak!


There are a multitude of online courses and actual workshops that you can invite your female coworkers to. These cna teach them skills like coding, analytics, marketing, graphic design, video editing, and the like. These are meant to make them more equipped, career-wise, in today’s technologically-advancing world.


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