How To Be More Productive During Hot Weather

How To Be More Productive During Hot Weather

Hot weather slump is real, here’s how you deal with it. 

As much as you would love to hop on the next flight to the ultimate summer destination, the reality of adulthood is that we still have to work during the heat of the summer season. Gone are the days when summer meant carefree afternoons spent at home playing one’s favorite games or just lazily waiting for school to start again.

Young working adults need to hustle even though it’s summer and we’re tempted by the thought of lazy days at the beach. In a tropical concrete jungle such as Metro Manila, the intense heat of the summer season makes working doubly challenging. It’s difficult to be productive during humid days when even the air feels like it’s on fire.

But, even the hot weather is no match for your fiery willpower to be productive! Take a look at the following tips to stay productive during the hot summer weather:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The hot weather can drain all the energy and fluids from your body, so it’s super important to drink lots of cool water throughout the day. Dehydration can cause you to lose focus and feel weak. As tempting as they may be, avoid sugary drinks such as sodas, shakes, or the ever-present boba tea. A plain cold glass of refreshing water is still your best choice. Remember to bring water with you if you plan to commute!

2. Plan your day ahead.

It’s best to take advantage of cooler temperatures in the early morning or evening rather than work during the heat of the afternoon. Schedule your work day accordingly! If you have errands, better finish them in the morning when you still have energy so you can chill later in the day when it gets hotter.

3. Take breaks.

Dehydration and overwork can cause serious health problems. Don’t force yourself to keep working even if you’re already feeling woozy and uncomfortable from the heat outside and the glow of your laptop screen. Take regular breaks to rest your mind, walk around your workspace, or grab a tasty meal to eat! Clear your mind through short meditative breaks, and before you know it, you just recharged your way to more productivity!

4. Find a cool and comfortable workspace.

As independent freelancers, our home is oftentimes our best workspace. But others who work at home may not always have access to proper air conditioning (or may think twice about the month’s electricity bill). That’s why freelancers often go to cafes and coworking spaces to get their productive energies flowing. Your productivity is greatly affected by your environment, so a workspace with optimal temperature and sleek ambience is sure to inspire you to work!

If you want to be productive and are looking for a comfortable and creative workspace during this hot summer season, be sure to check out what Alt-Shift Coworking Space has to offer!

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