How To Avoid Procrastinating When Working Remotely

How To Avoid Procrastinating When Working Remotely

Remote work doesn’t have to be unproductive! 

More individuals and companies are shifting to remote work setups. A well-powered computer and a stable internet connection are, oftentimes, all that you need to do work-related tasks in the comfort of your home.

Working remotely can save you time and resources since you don’t have to dress up and commute daily to an office in the busy business district. It also means you get to manage your time on your own!

But of course, sometimes it becomes challenging to concentrate on your work tasks especially when you’re surrounded by all sorts of distractions at home. The freedom of an “open schedule” can even tempt you to procrastinate even more.

Need help focusing when working from home? Check out these helpful tips to improve your focus:

1. Avoid distractions 

Do you find yourself staring at your spreadsheet only to shift tabs to YouTube or Facebook? Before you knew it, more than an hour passed by and you still haven’t started on your task. It’s hard to stay focused when your work, entertainment, and communication options are all accessible in one device.

If you constantly check your phone when you should be working, turn it off and hide it somewhere you can’t easily reach. Turn off the wi-fi connection if you can work offline. That way, you can focus on the tasks at hand with minimal distractions.

2. Follow a systematic workflow

Ever find yourself having so much to do that you end up not doing anything for a long time? Try making a checklist and

sorting out your prioritized tasks. Knowing which tasks are immediate and urgent priorities and working on those first can help you avoid procrastinating. It also helps to follow a regular schedule to get you in the zone for productivity.

3. Take healthy breaks

Many productivity methods suggest taking reasonable break times in between finishing tasks. Sometimes, you might push yourself to work too hard and forget a much needed rest in order to recharge your mind and body. Taking short breaks does not mean you don’t get to be productive. Instead of checking your social media page for 15 minutes, you can start on your chores such as chopping vegetables for your meal or loading the laundry in between waiting for your colleagues to respond to your emails.

4. Exercise regularly

Did you know that remote workers are also prone to health risks such as obesity and depression? A sedentary daily routine indoors can severely affect your physical and mental health. Learn to exercise regularly and go out to get some sunshine. Exercise can invigorate your mind and body to help you improve your focus as well.

5. Find a new and different workspace 

Everyone needs a change of scenery. Sitting on your desk or bed when working, even though it’s undeniably comfortable, can get tedious and boring in the long run. You might even find yourself too comfortable and procrastinate more.

If you live in a house, try working on the balcony or in the living room for a change. Go out to a café and discover your next favorite coffice! Even better, consider visiting a coworking space for a change of scenery but with all the necessary and accessible comforts of an office.

Try out these helpful tips to avoid procrastination and improve your focus when working remotely. Looking for a coworking space? Check out what AltShift has to offer!

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