Health Tips for Solopreneurs

Health Tips for Solopreneurs

Your health is just as important as your KPIs

Working remotely on your own has great perks. You’re in charge of your schedule and you don’t have to deal with the stress that comes with a full-time office-based job. Freelancers and solopreneurs also don’t have to worry with long commutes and have more time for themselves.

But, living the digital nomadic life can have its downsides. It’s easy to lose yourself in a busy haze, but don’t risk your health for it. After all, your health is your best asset. Check out the following health tips that you can start doing today!

1. Practice mindfulness

You might have left your full-time corporate day job to escape from the stressful grind. But, freelancing and solopreneurship still come with their own brand of stress. There’s just no escaping stress, since not everything will always be in order and most things are often out of your control.No matter your employment condition, it’s important to know how to properly manage your stress. Practicing mindfulness is one way of staying both mentally and physically healthy. Mindfulness is a technique similar to meditation. Through this method, you take a step back, relax, and evaluate yourself. Mindfulness allows you to focus on your emotions and the way you deal with things. When you learn to slow down and pay attention, you realize better ways to address your problems.

2. Socialize

Prolonged isolation can severely affect your productivity and performance. Freelancers and solopreneurs are prone to several health problems which include feelings of anxiety and depression. Anxious or depressed freelancers may feel unwilling to work with other people and unmotivated to finish their tasks. Remember to take a break from working alone and seek the company of good friends and trusted advisors. Maybe your friends are working full-time and don’t have as flexible a schedule as you do. That’s the benefit of coworking spaces: there’s always someone to meet, socialize with, and learn from. Who knows? You might even make a new friend or meet your next business partner! 

3. Observe time offline

Having a healthy work-life balance makes you healthier both mentally and physically. Freelancers and solopreneurs are no longer tied to the 8-hour workday. While it’s great to work at your own schedule and pace, your work might bleed into your regular life without you noticing. Ever read emails at the dinner table? Still taking calls from clients in the middle of the night? Learn to switch off your notifications and take a break from your work. A regular period of “offline time” works wonders for your mental health and can make you less stressed and happier. 

4. Eat proper meals

People have different dieting preferences, but everyone can definitely agree that breakfast is the most important meal of any work day. Eat a healthy and filling breakfast to power through the day’s tasks. It’s near impossible to work on an empty stomach. Skipping meals can make you dizzy, lose concentration, get in a bad mood, and make potentially major mistakes in your work. Observe meal times as “me time” and enjoy every bite.

5. Exercise regularly

Working from home may pull others into a more sedentary lifestyle. You no longer have to leave the house as often, and you stay indoors most of the day. Prolonged periods of sitting in front of a computer can lead to eye strain and back pains. A regular exercise routine not only helps you stay physically fit but also improves your mental health and productivity. Begin with a simple routine by stretching, walking, or practicing yoga. It’s important to set aside a few minutes to get moving and stay active to avoid future health problems.

Before you can improve your business, you must first improve yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to productivity!

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