Expand your net worth with a side hustle

Expand your net worth with a side hustle

Expand your net worth with a side hustle

Need extra cash and got time to spare? Check out these side hustles you can do to maximize your time, skills, and earn money while you’re at it.

1. Sell goods online

Take advantage of the numerous e-commerce platforms and sell your pre-loved books and clothes online. Such a simple online business helps you earn extra cash and declutter your shelves and closets as well.

Got a creative and crafty side? Try selling your baked goods, handmade crafts, and artwork. It’s great exposure for you and your brand and you even get to connect with other like-minded creatives while earning.

2. Offer consultancy or coaching services

The world of business is hungry for learning opportunities. If you think your expertise would be able to help to a few people in your circle, offer them your guidance for their own company. You can do this online as well. Check out Skillshare and Udemy to market your consultancy services or start your own workshops as well.

3. Rent out your space

The sharing economy is still alive and kicking. Going away for the weekend? Consider renting out your apartment or condo unit (through platforms like AirBNB or the like) for a short time and earn a little extra while you’re out of town.

4. Share a ride

Consider signing up for ridesharing and delivery platforms and make maximum use of your car and your commute. This will also help the community and the environment. 

5. Set up workshops, seminars, or forums

If you have the expert knowledge and skills in a certain topic or industry, and you have the capacity to market it to a certain audience, go for it. You can even hold your workshop in our coworking space! Read this article to know how to set-up your own workshop!

6. Do freelance work

Lots of companies, organizations, and even individuals are looking for freelance writers, artists, and assistants. As a freelancer, you can negotiate on a reasonable output, fee, and working schedule with the company. Who knows, your freelancing side hustle might grow into a much more lucrative career than you initially planned!

7. Earn from making videos and streaming content

While setting up and maintaining your own streaming channel is not a walk in the park, you can definitely earn big bucks from monetizing video content like livestreaming video games and regular vlogs about niche topics.

All of this you can do on weekends and even after work hours. It will demand more brain cells and time but as long you are able to manage your tasks, why not? Let us know if you have more ideas. Cowork and rule the world!

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