Creative Filipino Entrepreneurs You Should Follow On Instagram

Creative Filipino Entrepreneurs You Should Follow On Instagram

A dose of inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs to get you back on track

Running a business is hard. Some days it seems as if you have all the opportunities within reach. Other times, it feels as if you’ve hit a brick wall. Maybe you just need a dose of inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs to get you back on track.

It’s no longer news that Instagram has been the go-to platform of today’s entrepreneurs. The simple and image-centric interface is addictive and quite useful for marketing and brand awareness. The so-called Instapreneurs use the social networking site to promote their business and perhaps more importantly, their public persona. Using their accounts, these Instapreneurs put a human face to an otherwise unknown business. After all, people are drawn to icons.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration or just on the hunt for fun ideas, take a cue from these Instagram-famous Filipino entrepreneurs.

1.     Jason Magbanua (@jasonmagbanua)
Who would have thought wedding videos would become such a trend in the Philippines? Well, you’ve got Jason Magbanua to thank for that. In his website, he describes his work as a “wedding film game-changer and the holy grail of wedding videographers, taking what used to be an act of mere documentation and turning it into a veritable art form.” Jason covered the wedding of celebrity influencers Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico back in 2016. His trademark style has already been the subject of both imitation and parody, which others may regard as the sincerest form of flattery. Jason usually posts about his travels around the globe and some behind-the-scenes footage of his projects.

2.     Victor Consunji (@victorconsunji)
As the grandson of one the country’s biggest real estate magnates, Victor Consunji has already made a name for himself in the property and construction business. A relatively young but already influential company, Victor Consunji Incorporated (VCI) promises an “ability to take on various complex projects with timely delivery at the highest levels of quality.” Houses by VCI feature a sleek and modern design. Victor, married to former beauty queen Maggie Wilson, usually posts about his travels with his wife and son as well as their cycling and fitness adventures.

3.     Nix Alañon (@nixalanon)
Francis “Nix” T. Alañon, a designer with a big heart, founded FTA Design in 2006. With a team of talented designers, Nix specializes in conceptualizing stylish spaces for homes, restaurants, hotels, and offices in the Philippines. The interior spaces designed by Nix are “contrasting yet complementary” with the right amount of eclectic which is why they stand out above the rest. Nix usually posts about design inspirations as well as travel and dining experiences with his partner, fashion designer Rajo Laurel.

4.     Bigboy Cheng (@djbigboycheng)
A most interesting figure, Christian Robert “Bigboy” Cheng is teeming with creative energy. Perhaps known by many for his impressive toy, sneaker, and art collection, Bigboy is also an established DJ and businessman. He owns the eccentric Secret Fresh store, a distinctly Filipino vinyl toy shop made fteemor and by artists. He has collaborated with local and international names in the artworld, the most famous of which includes National Artist BenCab. DJ Bigboy usually posts about his music gigs, new art, and his famous sneaker and toy collection.

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