Budget-Saving Guide For Freelancers in Metro Manila

Budget-Saving Guide For Freelancers in Metro Manila

Take note of these money hacks!

Working as a freelancer in the metro has its comforts and challenges. Living in big cities gives you access to delicious food and drinks, stable internet connections, and comfortable accommodation. While you do have access to these amenities, you also face high rates for almost every basic need. The price of food, gas, or rent is higher than that in the province.  

The answer to this might be to simply stop buying, but simply saying this might not work effectively. It’s important for freelancers to have a system or a habit to follow that will actually be budget-saving. For the freelancer who’s reading this on a laptop at a cafe, here are some tips to get you started.  

Make a dedicated bank account for business expenses.  
When people are in charge of managing their own expenses, they often make the mistake of tracking their business and personal receipts as if they’re the same. You need to distinguish between these receipts so that you’ll know how much you spend for work and for your time outside of it.  

Back up your work through the cloud or with an external hard drive.  
 You might not think about it, but you could lose progress on your work if your computer crashes, the files get corrupt, or it gets unplugged while you’re working without saves. This wouldn’t just cost you time and energy, but money as well since it requires you to start over and consume electric power. Get yourself an external hard drive or save your files on a cloud system to prevent losing unsaved work.  

Cook at home when you can instead of ordering food.  
It also helps to cook at home instead of getting food from branded establishments. The latter usually becomes costly because you have to pay for the takeout packaging, the type of food being cooked, as well as the markup of the establishment. If you have the means to cook at home, be it through a gas stove or an induction cooker, you can buy meat and greens at the grocery and cook healthier meals than fast food ones.  

Opt for public transport instead of driving.    

Freelancers who drive are fortunate to be able to go around the city when needed, but driving a car is something you can forgo in favor of public transport. Sure, it’s not on par with those abroad, but you can try riding the train, bus, or cab every other day or so. You’ll be able to commute outside the rush hour period since freelancers usually have control over their own time.   

Make use of online discounts or deals 

Take advantage of mobile apps that offer you discounts or deals. ShopBack, Eatigo, Booky, or MetroDeal are common examples. Discounts offered can range from 10% to 50%, which means you can treat yourself to business district food establishments for half the price! For deals, it could be Buy-1-Take-1, Free Upsizes, o Free Sides.  

Find other freelancers to share expenses with

You may be a solopreneur, but you don’t have to be a lone wolf. Find freelancers you can share costs with! You can sign up with them for a carpooling service, a gym membership, a restaurant booking, or any deal that lets you save money when you have companions. You can develop interpersonal relationships by doing so.

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