A List of Websites To Help You Learn a New Skill

A List of Websites To Help You Learn a New Skill

Make quarantine a learning experience!

The Coronavirus may have required us to lock up in our homes but that doesn’t mean we sulk and stay stagnant. If anything, the lockdown has taught us the value and discipline of working from home. And with all that extra time we have, we can spend more time with our kids, cook fresh meals, read a book, binge-watch our favorite shows, and yes, even learn a new skill.

Here are some of the many websites you can look at if you want to learn a new skill.  


This website helps you “explore your creativity” with courses that range from drawing for self-discovery to creating a productivity system that works. You can also discover classes with websites and personalities they partner with like Etsy and Thomas Frank.


If you want to learn from masters like Natalie Portman, Stephen Curry, Anna Wintour, Malcolm Gladwell, and Gordon Ramsey, this is the website to go to. This is the best option for you if you already have a basic knowledge of a certain skill and want to hone it with lessons from a specific personality who will teach you his or her style of doing things.

LinkedIn Learning

Yes, the professional social media site has its own space for learning, This is your go-to online university if you want to learn from industry experts. Popular topics are software development, Leadership and Management, Business Software and Tools, and Data Science.

Hubspot Academy

This website is a goldmine of information for digital marketers. Their team of experts created learning materials for topics that fall under marketing, SEO, content, and inbound sales. It is also one of the best CRM tools, source of templates, and thoughtfully-written blog posts.


For those who want more options, teachable is a new library you can look at for courses that range from gardening to javascript and even course creation! (yes a course about how to create a course.) Their platform also has seamless integration of lessons and worksheets/activities to make your experience feel more like a classroom.

Let us know there are other websites we should add to this list! In the meantime, please stay at home and make the most out of your time. Stay positive!

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