7 Event Ideas You Can Host At AltShift

7 Event Ideas You Can Host At AltShift

Our spaces can house up to 100 people

The great thing about a coworking space is that it isn’t just limited to being used as a trendy office. Because of its dynamic and open floor design, coworking spaces can be used for all sorts of events and gatherings. Events such as workshops and product launches are also avenues for collaboration and networking, so it’s a good idea to host one for your business!

Time to get creative and check out these event ideas that you can host at AltShift:

1. Workshops

If you’re good at something, never do it for free! Workshops are a great opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, and industry experience to a small group of eager learners. Depending on your skill sets, you can host a series of workshops for beginner topics to more advanced techniques. From basic watercolor painting to social media management, workshops are a tried and tested way to grow your business, knowledge, and network base!

2. Meetups

Looking for a place to host a meeting with your organization or club? AltShift Coworking Space offers well-designed and spacious events places with the basic amenities you need to host your org meet-up. You can customize the space depending on your needs and your number of expected guests.

3. Networking Night

Networking nights are less uptight, more casual gatherings for socialization. Set up an informal info session where everyone can take turns talking about their business or creative projects.

You can schedule these social nights during the end of the workweek or just as a monthly event everyone can look forward to.

4. Town Hall Meetings

Unlike meet-ups or workshops, town hall meetings are often a formal event for a company or organization’s agenda. It can be the annual planning session or midyear budget meeting. AltShift caters to your organization’s needs for a functional events place.

5. Industry Forums

Gather like-minded folks and organize a forum to discuss the latest updates and trends in your industry. Share your business experiences, collaborate with and help other budding startups, and collaborate with the best players in your field.

6. Product Launch or Exhibit

It’s a good idea to host an event to launch your products. Product launches with an effective marketing strategy can greatly improve brand awareness and eventually increase sales. But coworking spaces are not just for one-time events. Did you know that you can also use AltShift Coworking Space as an art gallery? Invite your creative network and host an opening night for your art show at AltShift!

7. Job Fair

Now that you have a network of start ups, orgs, and business, you can consider hosting a job fair. AltShift’s prime location in Makati City’s business district makes it an attractive and accessible venue for a job fair. Makati is brimming with job hunters who are more often young tech grads, creatives, and all-around go-getters. 

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