5 Small Business Ideas You Can Do This Summer

5 Small Business Ideas You Can Do This Summer

Summer is the perfect season to start a small business!

Students and professionals alike are on the lookout for new experiences. Families and barkadas often schedule out-of-town trips or find a place or activity to do together in the metro. Summer is also the time when people are most likely to try out new hobbies or learn new skills.

For the more business-minded folks like us, we should seize this opportunity to set up a small summer business. Take a look at the following quick and creative suggestions:

1. Food and drinks (with a twist!)
Filipinos love to eat before they do anything else, then they eat again. In fact, summer is a great time to start a food or beverage business, since students are home and bored and hungry. Filipinos have a sweet tooth, so a cold dessert stand for halo-halo, fruit shakes, homemade ice cream, and other snacks are a no-fail idea. You can change things up by making vegan options or coming up with new flavors for traditional favorites.

2. Weekend yard sales or pop-up stores
This idea is an eco-conscious small business that’s been growing in popularity. Take some time to declutter your closet and your home. In the style of Marie Kondo, take out the things that no longer spark joy: clothing, books, or trinkets that can still be used by others. You can then sign up and join weekend pop-up shops to sell your pre-loved items. You can even work together with your friends for more fun.

3. Skill and activity workshops
If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Got a hobby or skill that you’re good at? Want to earn extra income from it? Then organise a beginner’s workshop! Whether it’s watercolor painting, woodworking, harmonica, vegetarian baking, or digital marketing, you can always find an audience who will share your interests. Workshops are a fun business idea because not only do you get to earn from your hobbies, you can also meet other interesting people along the way.

4. Pet sitting services
It’s no news that more and more people have pet companions that they love and treat like family. People are willing to splurge on food, treats, and toys for their furry friends. Unfortunately, not all hotels and resorts allow pets, so the owners have no choice but to leave them at home. Considering that you’re confident with handling pets, you can set up a pet sitting service to care for the dogs or cats while their human companions are away on holiday.

5. Travel tours and itineraries
People love going on holiday trips during the summer, but oftentimes they’re too busy to plan it themselves. Some folks might even have trouble navigating airline websites or researching about their destinations. Do you love travelling and are always watching out for cheap airline fares? Planning for a trip is fun, but it’s not an easy task for most people because it involves research and organization. Do you enjoy planning travel itineraries? If yes, then you can set up a mini-travel agency of sorts and organise your friends’ or family member’s trips for them for a fee, of course!

Which of these summer business ideas would you like to try? Have more ideas? Sound off below. 

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